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14th December 2023

Studying MBBS Abroad and NMC New Updates: Exploring the Advantages and Key Considerations

Pursuing an MBBS abroad is gaining tremendous popularity among Indian students due to various advantages over studying in India. However, with recent updates in NMC regulations, there are key considerations to factor in as well. This blog explores studying medicine overseas in light of the new NMC norms.

Updates in the NMC Regulations

The NMC recently introduced new regulations making it mandatory for students studying medicine abroad to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) to practice in India. The passing percentage has been revised to 50%. Clinical rotations must be done in the country where the medical college is located. These changes have raised questions about pursuing MBBS abroad.

Advantages of studying MBBS abroad vs India

Despite the NMC updates, studying medicine overseas has several advantages. Lower fees, global exposure, superior teaching methods and flexible admission criteria are the major benefits. Students also gain skills to thrive in diverse settings. The FMGE pass rate for students trained abroad is comparable to India's NEET-PG exam.

Internship Opportunities Abroad:

A big plus of doing MBBS abroad is the availability of paid internships. In the US and UK, medical interns are paid stipends averaging $60,000 annually. These enhance learning and offset living costs abroad. Such stipends are rare in India, making overseas MBBS more lucrative.

Debunking Myths About Studying MBBS Abroad

There are some common misconceptions about pursuing an MBBS overseas. One myth is substandard education quality which is untrue for accredited colleges. Language barriers and racism also deter students, but most international patient populations have high Indian representations. An MBBS abroad is equally rigorous and rewarding.

A Comprehensive Guide to Studying MBBS Abroad

Careful planning is key to a successful overseas MBBS journey. Shortlisting colleges recognized by the NMC, country-specific admission processes, visa procedures, cost of living, FMGE preparation etc need consideration. Expert guidance from MBBS abroad consultants in Hyderabad like Overseas Education helps navigate each step. They assist with college selection, application, visas, forex, pre-departure preparation and FMGE coaching.

With the new NMC regulations, students must strategize to clear the enhanced FMGE benchmarks. The advantages of global exposure, cost savings and internship opportunities still make an overseas MBBS a worthwhile investment. With prudent planning and support from consultants, Indian students can fulfill their medical aspirations abroad.